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3 reasons Corey Kispert is the perfect pick for the Warriors in the 2021 NBA Draft

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The Golden State Warriors do not only have the seventh overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, but they also have the 14th overall selection as well. While there are many possible options, the general consensus is that Corey Kispert is one of the best options outside the top 10 picks. The Gonzaga standout is bar-none the best shooter in his class. Some have compared him to Joe Harris, Bojan Bogdanovic, and his idol Klay Thompson.

Among the teams eyeing Kispert as their mid-first round pick, it’s the Warriors who should pick him. More than his shooting prowess, there are also interesting aspects to Kispert’s game that would seem to mesh well with Steve Kerr’s playbook. The presence of Thompson as well should not be disregarded. Having your idol as your teammate can do wonders for your confidence.

Let’s take a look at the three reasons why Corey Kispert is the perfect pick for the Warriors in the 2021 NBA Draft.

NBA-Ready Shooting Stroke

This reason sounds trivial. After all, why would NBA teams select prospects who do not have an NBA-ready shooting stroke? The fact is, not all prospects can already shoot right out of the gates. Teams pick those who have the potential, the athleticism, and if their natural game fits into their system. It’s only when they’re already in the NBA that these young players fine-tune their mechanics. Even the most hyped player in NBA history, LeBron James, had to work on his stroke for years before he earned the respect of opposing teams.

That makes Kispert an outlier in his class. Yes, those in the top 10 may already have good shooting mechanics, but Kispert seems to have perfected his stroke way before anyone else. He averaged 18.6 points per game on a stellar 44 percent from three-point range on 6.5 attempts. This is enough evidence of Kispert’s shooting skill.

Kispert’s NBA-ready shooting stroke makes him the ideal player for the Warriors. The squad is in a rush to become title contenders once again. The Warriors don’t want to spend a season or two babysitting their young players. With Kispert, they can immediately slowly integrate him into Kerr’s sophisticated offensive system as he further perfects his stroke.

Shooters and Steve Kerr’s System Fit Like A Glove

Some may say that Kispert’s presence will disrupt Kerr’s system, especially since it already has shooters like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Ideally, a team needs to have some slashers, playmakers, and other types of players as well. Too many players of the same ilk make a team predictable and easy to exploit.

However, let’s not forget that Kerr once had Curry, Thompson, and Kevin Durant. The back-to-back titles they won suggest that Kerr knows how to utilize having three shooters in his roster. Besides, Curry himself isn’t your traditional three-point assassin who simply goes through infinite screens hoping to get free. Curry is a playmaker and a good finisher around the ring. Thompson, for his part, has been a spot-up shooter for the most part. However, if defenses become lazy, he’s smart enough to abuse this by turning into a slasher as well.

These are just some of the things Curry and Thompson are capable of on offense. Credit should be given to them for adding a whole lot of tricks to their sleeve. Credit should be given to Kerr too for utilizing them well. If the Warriors pick Kispert, then don’t expect him to just stand around, wait for the pass, and shoot. The 22-year-old is a decent finisher around the ring. He also has a killer instinct in fastbreak situations. Kerr and his crew will likely spot this and develop it further.

Klay’s Mentorship on Turning Into a Defensive Beast

Corey Kispert has not minced his words when talking about Klay Thompson. He’s often been compared to the Warriors All-Star and this is no coincidence. The man has admitted that he has patterned his game to his idol. As such, Kispert’s dream would immediately come true if Thompson becomes his teammate. It helps that Thompson is a fun-loving guy as well. This would jumpstart his development on both ends of the floor. Obviously, their conversations would revolve around offense, but don’t be surprised if they also talk tons about defense.

After all, this has been the point of concern in Kispert’s game. For all his potential on offense, some worry that he might be a liability on defense. Although there have been instances wherein he has shown high IQ on this end. Interestingly, this was the same criticism hurled at Thompson ahead of the 2011 NBA Draft where he was picked 11th overall. Now, Thompson is regarded as one of the best perimeter defenders out there.