Antonio Brown was seen running off the field against the New York Jets while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played them on Sunday. Not only did he run off the field, but he also took off all of his gear, his shirts, and started throwing them into the stands while he ran into the locker room.

Usually, when somebody does something like this, it would be the worst thing that they have done in their career. As crazy as it sounds, this isn’t even really a top-five moment of Antonio Brown’s long history of issues.

He shouldn’t have been on an NFL roster for the past few years but of course, many greedy owners only care about what you do on the football field and that has allowed him to get many second opportunities.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why Antonio Brown should never see the NFL again.

Antonio Brown NFL

3. Fake vaccination card

When there are rules in place, you have to follow them. It’s essentially as simple as that. Whether Antonio Brown agreed with the vaccination or not, there is no reason to fake it because he wouldn’t have even gotten in trouble with the NFL if he just didn’t get the vaccine. The issue is that he lied about it and then was suspended for three games because he had a fake vaccination card.

Usually, something like this would be the worst thing that has ever happened in somebody’s playing career. The reality is, this isn’t even a top 10 worst moments for Antonio Brown, which is just as crazy as it sounds.

By him doing this, he shows a lack of trust, self-awareness, and many other things that should not be wanted in an NFL locker room. Factor in all the other chances that he has received, and he should have been gone when this came out.

The NFL once again pretty much failed to give him any sort of real punishment as he was only suspended for a few games for this incident. People his whole life have kept allowing him to be able to do these types of things and are enabalers, which is why he still does what he does.

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2. Almost killing a baby

Out of all the crazy things that Brown has done, this might have been the worst one. Earlier in his career, Brown was seen throwing furniture out of the 14th floor of an apartment down into a pool area where a little 22 month baby and a grandpa were seen at the pool.

Brown almost killed somebody as the furniture only landed two feet away from the baby. It was caught on a surveillance camera. Not only did he do this, but he was also throwing glass out of the window as there were shatters of glass just inches away from the 22-month old baby.

This once again shows that he has severe anger problems and doesn’t know how to deal with any type of stress in his life. Since this is the case, Antonio Brown should have been getting help way earlier than he ever did as it seems like the help that he has received simply has not helped him. This type of incident could have saw him be put in jail if the furniture just landed two feet in the other direction and killed the baby.

It is unclear how he ever was able to come back from an incident like this, and it wasn’t as big of attention as it should have been. This should have kept him out of the NFL, but once again, owners were worried about winning games instead of having a good person in the locker room.

1. Running off the field

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have kept saying that if Antonio Brown was going to do one more thing, he is out of the organization. Well, after this, there is no excuse for him to still be on an NFL roster and especially with the Buccaneers if Antonio Brown did actually leave for some reason.

It is unclear at the moment why he ran off the field against the New York Jets, but something obviously got him upset and angry. Once again, he didn’t know how to control his emotions so he ran off like a five-year-old.

As crazy as it sounds, there will still be another NFL team who does give this guy a shot. We have seen it time and time again and there’s no reason to think that it won’t happen once again. He is an incredible wide receiver but not a great person. NFL teams are going to look the other way because of just how good he is on the football field.