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3 reasons why Star Wars fans need to be excited about Andor

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Obi-Wan Kenobi just ended its first season on Disney+ and The Mandalorian will soon come out with its third early next year. But within less than a month, Star Wars fans will get to see something new and someone not affiliated in any way to the Skywalkers – Andor. We take a deep dive down below into why this upcoming series should excite everyone and why it will be great for the franchise.

3 reasons why Star Wars fans need to be excited about Andor

3. A grounded perspective of the galaxy far, far away

For so long, fans have always gravitated to the space opera format of the franchise. Sure, there were a few exceptions along the way with Rogue One the most notable of them. But even though the formula works, it will really come to a point when people will clamor for something new.

This is where Andor comes in. The new Star Wars series is seen as a departure from the usual larger-than-life take on its projects by focusing on the titular character’s early struggles against the Empire, even before the Rebel Alliance was formally born.

While the films and other recent shows, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, see the galaxy from a bigger perspective, Andor will take a more grounded approach due to the era it was set in and the circumstances surrounding the early days of the Rebellion. There’ll be more shades of gray here than the typical black and white conflict seen in most installments of the franchise.

In effect, Andor can have the chance to be a better grounded Star Wars series than what The Book of Boba Fett tried to achieve. With the stakes set in, fans can expect Diego Luna’s rebel spy to be something a lot more exciting than the franchise’s recent offerings.

2. The birth of the Rebel Alliance

There have been a lot of attempts to show how the Rebel Alliance actually started, such as Rebels and certain key episodes during the later seasons. And while those attempts are good, the time before the Rebellion was formally started and the many reasons it came to be haven’t been shown that much. Again, this is one good reason why Star Wars fans should catch Andor when it comes out soon.

As stated in various reports, Andor will be set five years before the events of Rogue One, around the time Diego Luna’s character discovers a way to fight against the Empire. This is also the same period when various rebel cells will be gathered together by Mon Mothma in an effort to centralize their operations.

These initial details help solidify the show as it gives fans a solid glimpse into how the Rebel Alliance started. With 12 episodes slated for season one and a second season already confirmed, fans will have all the material they need to witness how the fight against the Empire truly began.

1. The opportunity to see something new in the Star Wars franchise

Every era of Star always has some traces of the Skywalker family in it. From the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies, much focus has always been given to Anakin and his children. And while recent projects have strayed away from the Skywalkers, such as the Mandalorian, a show like Andor can give fans a truly new direction to move forward.

As stated earlier, Andor will deal with how the Rebel Alliance started and how it operated right before Luke Skywalker made the first Death Star go boom. This will move the focus away from the Skywalkers, the Jedi, and their conflict with a Sith-ruled Galactic Empire and shift it towards the common people and how they fought against such evil.

This new direction will open up a lot of storytelling opportunities, similar to what the Mandalorian started with the post-Return of the Jedi period. If Andor can do the same to the years before A New Hope, fans can expect new life to be infused to this part of the Star Wars timeline.

It’s only a matter of time before Andor airs its first two episodes on Disney+ at the end of August. But before that happens, expect a lot of hype to build on this series in the coming weeks.