The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hope that rookie linebacker Devin White will be the anchor of their defense for a long time. The team selected him with the fifth pick in April's draft. Most know the talent White has on the field, but he is a very unique person whose talent goes beyond football. Let's look at three things you might not know about the former LSU Tiger.

Devin White is an avid horse rider

Devin White loves football, but there is one thing he actually might enjoy doing more, taking care of and riding his horses. White owns seven horses with six of them living near his childhood home in Springhill, Louisiana.

The other one, Daisy Mae, lived near Baton Rouge, where he went to school with LSU. White actually rode him to the campus.

After being drafted by the Bucs he made it clear that the horse was coming to Tampa. He said he needed to buy her a new trailer now that he had a little extra money to spend.

Who knows — maybe one day White can ride to a home game on Daisy Mae.

White grew up a town of fewer than 6,000 residents.

White grew up in Springhill, Louisiana, which is right on the border between Louisiana and Arkansas. It's a very poor town that had a median income of $27,102 according to the 2000 census.

He played high school football at Baucum-Farrar Stadium and was an unknown until he was offered a scholarship by the Les Miles and the Tigers. During his junior and senior years, fans would come from all over to watch him play football and showcase his diverse set of skills and abilities.

Country superstar Tracy Adkins also grew up in the town of Springhill. White will have to have quite an NFL career to pass him in popularity.

Coming out of high school White was a running back

When White came out of high school he was regarded as a really good running back. He was ranked as the fifth overall running back in the class and ranked 135th overall regardless of position according to 247 Sports. He is an athlete who can do so many creative things on a field.

In 2014 during a playoff game, he rushed for over 400 yards and had more than 100 yards receiving and quickly became a town star.

Once at LSU, he transitioned to linebacker, but those skills still help him play the position. He has a better understanding of offense after playing it during high school.

“Devin White was a high school standout at running back and linebacker, so he brings an understanding of offenses to his spot at linebacker,” Matt Miller wrote via 247 Sports. “He flows to the ball with natural athleticism and agility but also packs a punch with a 6’1” 240-pound frame.”

Maybe if the Buccaneers have injury issues at running back White can jump in. Obviously, the chances of that are low, and who knows how he would transition as a running back at the NFL level? Playing at a linebacker weight is its own challenge, but one thing is clear: In high school he was one of the best in the country.