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4 reasons the Atlanta Falcons will defeat the Rams in Week 7

The Atlanta Falcons have had a terrible start to the season winning only one game so far. but they return home on Sunday for a big-time showdown with the Los Angeles Rams. They currently sit as three-point underdogs but they have a good shot to pull the upset. Let’s breakdown four reasons they can defeat the Rams and maybe save their season.

4. Matt Ryan

When most people from the outside point fingers at the Falcons and see they only have one win they instantly point to quarterback Matt Ryan. That take is a lazy take because Ryan is the farthest thing from the issue.

Each game this season Ryan has thrown for 300 yards and the last few games he has done a good job of not turning the ball over. Over the last two games, he has thrown for seven touchdowns and only one interception.

He gets to face a Rams defense that just added Jalen Ramsey but they have struggled at times this year to slow down offenses, especially on the road.

This should be another game where Ryan can throw for 300 yards and two or three touchdowns. As long as he limits the interceptions, the Falcons should be in good shape.

3. Jared Goff

There is a good chance that Goff has a big game and that is going to spell trouble, but there is also a good chance he could struggle because there is no real rhyme or reason for when he struggles.

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had a good defense this year, but Goff struggled against them throwing only 268 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.

The Falcons pass defense has been dreadful but if the Falcons can get a turnover or two that should get into Goff’s head and he could just fold. This feels like a game where the Falcons defense can get back on track.

2. Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones

There is no doubt that Ramsey will be matched up on Julio Jones, but they really don’t have anyone to match up against Calvin Ridley and Mohammed Sanu. Ridley and Sanu have seemed to swap big games so one or both of them should be able to go off in this game.

Against the Texans a couple of weeks ago Ridley caught five passes for 88 yards and a touchdown. I expect he is going to have another big game against a banged-up Rams secondary and if this game becomes a shootout, the Falcons are in a good place to keep up.

Remember the Rams lost earlier this season 55-40 against Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

1. Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn might be a weird reason why this team can win but I think it is a huge factor, and it has nothing to do with his coaching.

Everyone around the Falcons knows that Quinn can be fired at any time and it still seems that the players are enjoying playing for him.

If there is any time for the team to step up and try to save his job it’s now. I would expect every player is going to leave it all out on the line and give the Rams their best shot.