4 reasons the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Browns in Week 10
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Josh Allen, Bills

4 reasons the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Browns in Week 10

The Buffalo Bills started the year off impressively. They went 5-1 through their first six games, only losing to the New England Patriots in a close 16-10 game.

However, in Week 8 the Bills took a beating at home to the Philadelphia Eagles in a 31-13 rout. Luckily for them, they got to run into the Washington Redskins in Week 9. That helped them get back on track with a 24-9 victory, moving Buffalo to 6-2 on the year.

Now they square off with the disaster that is the Cleveland Browns in Week 10. Cleveland is 2-6 and not much has gone right for them in 2019 after expectations were so high.

That being said, on paper this is still a very formidable team that you should not take lightly. So what do the Bills have to do to win? Here are four reasons Buffalo will defeat Cleveland in Week 10.

4. Defense

The Buffalo defense has been elite. All season long they’ve been one of the best defensive units in the NFL.

They have allowed just 296.3 total yards per game, that’s the third best in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Bills are allowing only 16.4 points per game. That is also the third best in the NFL.

Buffalo has been able to shut down almost any opponent thrown at them this year. They were even able to make Tom Brady and the Patriots look bad offensively. That’s something not many get to brag about.

Cleveland has a very stacked offense on paper. However, they’ve struggled to put it all together on the field. So while they should not be taken lightly, this is definitely the type of game that the Buffalo defense can take over and control.

If the Bills are firing on all cylinders defensively, they don’t even really need their offense to do much of anything. That makes life so much easier for the Bills and has led to a lot of wins this year.

Expect Week 10 to be another one where the defense is the main factor in winning.

3. Momentum

The Bills don’t have all that much crazy momentum right now. They lost just two weeks ago, before beating the lowly Redskins in Week 9. However, that’s still some positive momentum.

Their last game saw them dominant the entire way. The offense had its moments and the defense was great once again. They might not have had any takeaways, but they held Washington to no touchdowns (although at this point that’s getting less impressive as each week goes by).

All things considered, momentum is back in Buffalo’s favor.

Then there are the Browns. They’ve lost four straight games after starting the year 2-2. Now 2-6, positive momentum is so far away from them you couldn’t hit it with a 50-foot pole.

Cleveland can’t seem to catch a break. They have a quarterback who is struggling mightily and a bunch of large personalities in that locker room.

A lot of people are expecting things to implode sooner, rather than later. Once that happens, any chance at gaining any positive momentum will be completely lost.

For now though, this matchup still favors Buffalo extremely heavily in this category.

2. Devin Singletary Emergence

Buffalo has a really solid running back group. Frank Gore has been great this year and is continuing to prove that he simply does not age. However, it’s Devin Singletary that’s the star. He proved that in Week 9.

Singletary was selected in the third-round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He had a big Week 1, but hasn’t gotten many carries since then.

Then came Week 9 against the Redskins. Singletary ran the ball a career-high 20 times for a career-high 95 yards. He also had a touchdown and added in three receptions for 45 yards.

Singletary was everywhere in Week 9 and made it known that he’s the star. The rookie has fresh legs still because he hasn’t run much (only 40 carries and 12 receptions so far). Now it seems like they are ready to let him loose.

That’s bad news for Cleveland.

1. Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield was a pretty popular choice for MVP this year amongst fans and analysts. Instead, things have gone terribly wrong.

Mayfield has completed just 58.7% (worst amongst full-time starters) of his passes for 1,983 yards. He also has seven touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions (NFL-worst).

All this despite the fact that Cleveland has a ton of weapons around him. Sure, tight end David Njoku is out, but superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry are there. As is running back Nick Chubb, who is having a superb season.

All of a sudden, all the quirky/cocky things Mayfield did that people loved in his rookie year seem a lot less attractive now that he’s playing bad and his team can’t win.

Now he has to go up against one of the best defenses in football, at the peak of Cleveland’s struggles. Buffalo might make things very bad for the young quarterback.