The San Francisco 49ers have been in a contract dispute with Brandon Aiyuk since the start of the offseason. It's been filled with drama as Aiyuk has made some claims on social media. However, it sounds like the star wide receiver is facing an uphill battle.

As it turns out, the 49ers hold all of the leverage. That's at least what ESPN's Adam Schefter hinted at during a guest appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. San Francisco has the right to franchise tag Brandon Aiyuk two seasons in a row. Furthermore, Schefter believes the contract the front office is offering Aiyuk is better than the franchise tag.

Adam Schefter: “Well when you've got a year left on your contract and the team has its franchise tag at its disposal.”

Pat McAfee: “Two franchise tags remember you go back to back you can't franchise tag somebody three times you can franchise two times that's the Lamar Jackson conversation. So they’ve got three years of Brandon Aiyuk right now.

Adam Schefter: “Right and I'd have to add up the franchise tag for two years and what it would be but I'll bet you, I'll bet you it's less than what they're offering right now.”

Another point Schefter makes is that the 49ers are not likely interested in trading Brandon Aiyuk either. Especially considering the club is aiming for a Super Bowl and losing the star wide receiver wouldn't make sense next season. Even if nearly every team in the league is interested in Aiyuk.

“Every team that has any sort of wide receiver question / need would want Brandon Aiyuk, every one of them, but why would the 49ers, who are vying for a Super Bowl title move on from a guy like Brandon Aiyuk right now to get a draft pick in 20225, when they could tag him after the year and conceivably trade him at that point, and get his services this year at a relatively cap friendly deal. Like that doesn’t make sense.”

We'll see how it plays out but it appears the 49ers have all of the leverage. That's probably not what Brandon Aiyuk would like to hear but that's the truth of the matter. Look for the rumor mill to continue heating up as the NFL offseason progresses.

Will Brandon Aiyuk play for the 49ers next season?

Brandon Aiyuk and Mike Edwards
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As of now the answer to that question remains unclear. Considering the 49ers have all of the leverage right now certainly suggests we'll see Brandon Aiyuk play for San Francisco next season. Of course, he could continue disputing the contract talks and refuse to sign the franchise tag. But in all, Aiyuk would be better off playing next season.

The 49ers reeled in more wide receiver talent through the NFL Draft. So, perhaps the front office has plans to move on from Brandon Aiyuk eventually. But that could be well down the road. Especially if San Francisco wants to develop Ricky Pearsall before giving him a bigger role. With that said, unless the 49ers trade Brandon Aiyuk he's probably going to play for San Francisco.