As the San Francisco 49ers prepare for their Week 10 road matchup, quarterback Brock Purdy understands the unique threat posed by the Jacksonville Jaguars and their ball-hawking secondary. The Jaguars are tied for second in the NFL with 11 interceptions on the season. After starting the season (and mostly his career) with lots of clean performances, Purdy has thrown five interceptions in the 49ers' last three games. Perhaps the return of star wide receiver Deebo Samuel will help him against Jacksonville, however.

‘They just do a good job of creating turnovers,” the 49ers quarterback said. “They do a good job within their pass rush and then sort of forcing quarterbacks to put the ball up in the air. It seems like there’s space on film, but they’re good at making you think that. And then in reality, it’s tight-window throws and tip balls, and then that’s where you see the interceptions and stuff from the year. They’re really good at it.”

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will no doubt have a strong plan dialed up for the Jaguars coming off of the bye week. Tight end George Kittle also compared this Jaguars team to the Rams teams of the last few years. The 49ers had lots of success against those Rams teams. Nonetheless, it falls on Brock Purdy to play a clean game and keep the offense out of trouble.

This is a big game for the 49ers, coming off of three straight losses. Meanwhile, the Jaguars look to improve to 7-2, right up there with the other top AFC teams.