San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle made an appearance on Theo Von's podcast called ‘This Past Weekend' and described the beating that he goes through in each NFL game.

“I'm in multiple car accidents every Sunday,” George Kittle said on Theo Von's ‘This Past Weekend' podcast. “I've had games where I hyperextended my knee, that's gonna affect your season. Or you burst a bursa sac in your knee. That's going to be there for several weeks. And if you get lucky, you don't have to deal with that stuff, it's a little bit better, but you're still getting into these car accidents.”

For context Kittle has missed games each of the last four years. He missed eight games in the 2020 season, but has played 14 or more games in every other season in his career. Given the way Kittle is talking about the physical toll of playing in the NFL, it would not be a crazy assumption to believe he has played through injuries in his career. He also spoke about what the week-to-week experience is like.

“Thursday to Friday is when I start to feel like myself again. The more into the season you get, the more your body is wear and tear, wear and tear, wear and tear. Really now how I see it is, if I'm not doing football, I'm doing recovery.”

Kittle is one of the top tight ends in the game, and it is interesting to hear his description of the physical toll that an NFL player goes through.