The San Francisco 49ers hadn't had great fortune when it came to keeping their guys off the injury list. However, they are bound to see an injection of energy to the team as a number of players are set to return for practice.

Jerick McKinnon and Dee Ford are two of the notable names that are coming back to the field after recovering from their injuries. Matt Barrows tweeted the full list of 49ers returning to active duty.

McKinnon is a serviceable running back who has played the entirety of his career with the Minnesota Vikings. He had okay numbers for a guy who didn't get a lot of NFL starts, averaging 500 rushing yards in his four NFL seasons. However, his recent ACL injury caused him to miss out on the 2018 season and is a legitimate cause of concern for fans.

Ford is a good defensive end who played his entire career prior to the 2019 campaign with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is a reliable stalwart on defense, notching 102 solo tackles and 36 tackles for loss. His last year with the Chiefs was his most productive one as of yet: he made 42 solo tackles, 13 TFLs, and 29 QB hits in the 16 games he started.

Most fans that bleed 49ers are still holding their breath on Nick Bosa, though. The elite defensive end is kept off the field due to his ankle injury. The 2nd pick of the 2019 Draft is still a 50-50 as to whether he will appear against the Buccaneers in Week 1 or not.

However, Kyle Shanahan will be more than happy to get players back from injury. He can now focus on improving from their poor 2018 campaign.