San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo knows that the NFL is a business, so he wasn't all that shocked the team took a look at Tom Brady when he was a free agent:

“It kind of comes with the territory,” the 49ers quarterback said after a player-organized throwing session in San Jose last week via The Athletic. “It comes with the job.”

At one point, there were rumors that Brady was interested in joining the 49ers, something the team had to really evaluate closely. Garoppolo said San Francisco was open with where the team was, something that he very happy with:

“The one thing I can say about the whole situation was Kyle and John were very honest with me the whole time,” he said. “That’s their job — to put the best team together possible and you’ve got to respect that. So as long as the honesty and truthfulness is there, I respect those guys, I love those guys. And it’s going to be a fun year this year.”

The 49ers star knows it's all about winning, so when a Hall of Fame quarterback becomes a free agent, it's a bit foolish to not consider the options.

“It’s the NFL,” he said. “There’s competition. Everyone’s trying to put the best team together they can. And that’s just the reality of it.”

The 49ers ended up deciding that they were happy with Garoppolo going forward, with the hope that he can lead the team back to the Super Bowl, but this year they will finish the job.

It's going to be tough, but the 49ers have the faith they have the right guys in place to get the job done.