The San Francisco 49ers are entering a new era. Despite Jimmy Garoppolo not yet being traded, the Niners are preparing to move on with Trey Lance as their quarterback. Head coach Kyle Shanahan recently revealed the plan for Lance and the rest of the starters ahead of the NFL preseason.

49ers beat reporter David Lombardi shared the following Tweet in reference to Shanahan's preseason plan:

“Shanahan says the first-team 49ers offense will play this Friday against the Packers. The plan is for Trey Lance to play in Games 1 and 3 of the preseason”

It is unclear how many snaps Trey Lance will receive in Games 1 and 3 of the preseason. Jimmy Garoppolo took limited snaps in preseason games last year, but he was an established veteran. Kyle Shanahan may prefer to give Lance more snaps given his youth and inexperience.

Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports shared a quote from Shanahan in regards to his NFL preseason strategy.

“I’d like to get guys to play in this game, mainly because I don’t want them to play in the second game. Going to scrimmage a team, more into the scrimmage than the game. And then to have a chance to get them in a game four days after that versus Houston when we get back Sunday morning would be tough. So that’s why I don’t want them to play much in that game. So hopefully a little in one, a little in three, and then we’ll have 17 days to get ready for Week One.”

The 49ers enjoyed a successful season in 2021. However, they will look to reach new heights this year with Trey Lance leading the charge.