49ers news: Kyle Shanahan says San Francisco brought in players that will make QBs do "stupid things"
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Kyle Shanahan says San Francisco 49ers brought in players that will make QBs do “stupid things”

49ers, Kyle Shanahan

The San Francisco 49ers, coached by Kyle Shanahan, have been one of football’s most active teams this offseason. Despite missing on some of the biggest fish available, the team has already made significant additions to a defense which struggled last year.

Specifically, the 49ers brought in linebacker Kwon Alexander and edge rusher Dee Ford. The two free-agent acquisitions will shore up what was one of the worst defenses in the league.

Many have been pleased with the team’s moves this offseason. Among them: 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. Via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBS Sports Bay Area:

“Speed and violence affect the quarterback,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said, “and make people do stupid things before they want to. Both of these guys have a lot of speed and they both play violently.”

Shanahan believes the duo will revitalize the team’s entire defense. San Francisco also has a pick in each of the first four rounds of the upcoming draft, including the second pick in the first round. The team could use these picks to add youth to its upgraded defense.

The 49ers’ 2018 defense placed last in the NFL in total turnovers and interceptions, as well as 28th in fumbles. General manager John Lynch made it a priority to change that. Via Chan:

“That wasn’t fun to watch,” general manager John Lynch said. “It is something we have to live with and it’s a reality and we needed to change that and you’re exactly right. These are the type of players that we believe can reverse that trend.”

The 49ers are one of many teams which struggled in 2018 and are looking for a quick turnaround next season. They still have many holes on their roster, and a lot will be determined by their decisions in the upcoming draft. Yet, they already look like a legitimate sleeper team for 2019.