49ers news: Kyle Shanahan warns Aaron Rodgers' skills ahead of matchup
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49ers’ Kyle Shanahan warns of Aaron Rodgers’ skills ahead of titanic matchup

Kyle Shanahan, Aaron Rodgers, 49ers

Based on how their regular-season clash went down, it’s easy to say that the San Francisco 49ers are heavy favorites to win the NFC Championship Game. However, Kyle Shanahan is wise enough to recognize that Aaron Rodgers has the talent and experience to take down overwhelming favorites.

Shanahan extensively detailed Rodgers’ football talent and his ability to dismantle defenses. The 49ers coach believes that even if the situation looked dire, Rodgers could throw one morale-shattering pass that can overturn the situation and help them win.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote down Shanahan’s quick seminar about Rodgers’ performance.

“[H]e can make a throw in any situation,” Shanahan said of Rodgers. “He’s never out of the game. I think we were up 23-0 at halftime versus him and he made it 23-8 after his first drive [of the second half]. It’s 23-8 halfway through the third quarter, and I think it’s a tight game because of who is over there at quarterback. We were fortunate enough, I think, the next drive to get the big play to Kittle which made it 30-8 and then it kind of got away, but Aaron is as good of a player who has played this game, he can make every single throw. He’s got a lot of players around him and there’s a reason he seems to be in this game a lot.”

He showcased how he could do that during the Packers’ solid win over the Seattle Seahawks. Rodgers was a stable presence in the pocket, throwing for 243 touchdowns, two touchdowns, and a 59% completion rate.

Moreover, Rodgers is confident about his team’s chances in the rematch of their Week 12 duel, and a confident quarterback who is as good as Aaron Rodgers brings nothing but bad news for the Niners.

“I think if you look at this game, they’re favored by 7.5 (points), so they’re expected to hold court and win,” Rodgers said Wednesday, per Packers Wire’s Zach Kruse. “People know how we played last time. If you look at pressure, the pressure is in a certain place, and we should be nice and loose.”

Rodgers will make the conference championship interesting, and it will be up to the San Francisco defense to stop him.