49ers news: Kyle Shanahan would rather have 'zero than four' preseason games
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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan would rather have ‘zero than four’ preseason games

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers

There has been a lot of debate this offseason about how many preseason games is the perfect amount, and San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has made his opinion known. Asked by reporters about the preseason debate, Shanahan said he would rather have zero preseason games if the option was between zero and four.

“Yeah, you absolutely don’t need four preseason games,” Shanahan said via Niners Wire. “I’d rather have zero than four, preferably I’d like two. One to evaluate the people trying to make the team and then just one to knock a little rust off.”

Shanahan said he puts more emphasis on the practice time so he would like to see teams be allowed to practice more, and maybe see a couple of fewer preseason games.

It’s interesting to hear different coaches opinions on how many preseasons games is the right amount. New York Jets coach Adam Gase said earlier this week that he would like to see teams keep the four preseason games because it’s important in evaluating players.

“I like the fact that it gives a chance to evaluate,” Gase said. “That fourth preseason game, all those guys that get to play, we get value out of that. We’re not trying to see if we can shorten the game up. We’ll probably try to throw it like 60 times.”

This season all teams will have to play at least four preseason games, but it’s something that could be talked about again next offseason about maybe being changed.