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49ers RT Mitchell Schwartz denies blaming former teammate Chiefs’ Dee Ford for offsides penalty last year

Dee Ford, Mitchell Schwartz, 49ers

Current San Francisco 49ers standout defensive end Dee Ford made a critical mistake last year for the Kansas City Chiefs that might have cost them the playoff game, but right tackle Mitchell Schwartz never blamed him for the mistake.

In last year’s AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs picked off Tom Brady with 54 seconds left to go in the game and it looked like they would be advancing to the Super Bowl. Instead of the Chefs celebrating. it was determined Ford was lined up in the neutral zone.

Asked about Ford on Wednesday, 49ers tackle Schwartz made it very clear there was no blame being put on Ford, and a lot of the issues were the offensive struggles during the first half of the game.

“I don’t blame him at all,” Schwartz said in a Wednesday press conference via Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk. “We scored zero points in the first half, so if we score any points in the first half he’s not in that position at all. Offensively, that’s kinda view we had was we didn’t do enough offensively to score enough points to win the game. . . . I think there were plenty of opportunities for us early in the game for us to have done better and not be in that spot. Football is never about the one specific play. I never put that on him.”

Schwartz was also asked if the Chiefs have an advantage because they faced Ford a lot during practice. The right tackle tried to downplay that saying things were a lot different “when it’s live bullets.”