With his current three-year with the San Francisco 49ers due to come to an end after this season, Richard Sherman is already thinking of his future beyond this year. As it turns out, however, the 32-year-old firmly believes that he will no longer be with the Niners next term.

When asked about his immediate future, Sherman admitted that he just doesn't see himself staying in San Francisco beyond this season due to the squad's tight salary cap situation:

“If there's some miracle that happens, then sure there's an opening,” Sherman said Wednesday, via the Associated Press at Sportsnet. “But there's 40 free agents and they'll probably have $30 million or less in cash. They got to bring back Trent [Williams] who costs over $20 million. They have to pay Fred [Warner], who will cost $18 million-plus a year. Anybody who knows the situation understands that.”

Sherman has a clear understanding of the Niners' cap space for next season, and he knows that its unlikely that the squad will be able to meet his salary demands. For what it's worth, the five-time Pro Bowl DB will pocket $14 million for this season.

It has been an injury-plagued season for Richard Sherman, who's already missed nine games this year due to a calf problem. There's no denying that he is no longer the dominant figure he once was, but his name alone should still warrant a hefty payday for next season — something that the 49ers are unlikely going to be able to give him.