The San Francisco 49ers' decisive victory over the New York Giants wasn't the only beating that went down at Levi's Stadium on Thursday. A video retrieved by TMZ shows a brawl between fans breaking out in the stands after the game was over. The aftermath of the altercation left several supporters hurt and at least two bloodied.

Shortly following the 49ers' win in Santa Clara, California, the brawl erupted. This stemmed from extensive trash-talking between fans, with the situation escalating when one individual tossed a beer that struck a woman.

As recounted by an eyewitness, the moment the beverage made contact with the woman, chaos ensued. Video footage of the incident illustrates the rapid and violent nature of the ensuing melee.

One of the fans that was caught bleeding on video sustained a flurry of punches from multiple Giants fans. To his credit, he valiantly fought whilst being heavily outnumbered. In the end, however, the repeated hits took their toll and his nose could be seen bleeding intensely.

Another 49ers supporter was hit squarely in the face only a few seats away. The two Giants fans engaged with him caused a cut to open above his eye, which then also began bleeding.

Though the Santa Clara police department stated via a spokesperson that this matter is now being investigated, most of the fans participating in the fight had left scene prior to the arrival of security.

This is an ongoing investigation, and more news will likely be released in the upcoming weeks.