The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly frustrated by the lack of calls in reference to Nick Bosa. Jennifer Lee Chan reports that the Niners turn in film each week of Bosa being held by offensive lineman. Chan also reported that head coach Kyle Shanahan is concerned about Bosa constantly being held.

At 6’4, 266 pounds, offensive lineman almost have no choice but to hold him. He is a force who excels at getting to the quarterback. Nick Bosa is fresh off of a 2021 season that saw him post a career high 15.5 sacks. He added 52 total tackles as well. In 2022, Bosa already has 14 total tackles and 6 sacks. Despite not getting certain calls, Bosa is still producing elite results.

Nevertheless, the 49ers understandably want the correct calls to be made. Kyle Shanahan commented on the lack of penalties called on Nick Bosa, per NBC Sports.

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” Shanahan said in reference to Bosa consistently being held. “That’s something I’ve seen a lot with him since he’s been here, going back to his first year in the Super Bowl. So it’s always been tough with that. We turn everything in every week. And sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t. But that’s kind of the standard quote on anything that has to do with that. You just hope it improves.”

The 49ers moved to 2-2 on the season following their recent Monday Night Football victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Nick Bosa led the charge for the Niners in the game by recording 2 sacks on Matthew Stafford.

San Francisco will continue to push for more calls for Bosa. But he is going to continue playing well regardless of the referees’ decisions.