It's an ingrained reaction from NFL fans. You see a punch thrown, you expect an ejection. Apparently, that rubric doesn't apply to San Francisco 49ers left tackle Trent Williams.

At the end of the first half of the New York Giants-49ers game on Thursday Night Football, Williams drew an unnecessary roughness penalty, per ESM's Alex Wilson. Giants defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson after a brief scuffle. But many fans took to social media to demand, or at least wonder, why Williams remained in the game.

Perhaps the dustup should've have come as a surprise. As one fan pointed out on X (the social media site formerly known as Twitter), Williams and Robinson are old nemeses, from back when Robinson was a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

Many fans couldn't understand how Williams was able to remain in the game. And no, they were not all Big Blue fans. Opinions came from a wide spectrum of accounts.

A punch as blatant as the one Williams threw is almost always grounds for ejection, pointed out The 33rdTeam's Ari Meirov. Another account dedicated to “Bad Sports Refs” seemed to consider Thursday's on-field officials worthy subjects.

Like a moth to a flame, a Las Vegas Raiders fan heard about a punch in an NFL game and felt compelled to weigh in. “If a Raiders player threw MULTIPLE punches like Trent Williams did. They would get thrown out of a game and get fine. WILD,” the fan opined.

And of course a Giants fan account felt that “Trent Williams should be ejected.”

But the most jarring reaction came from an account dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles, which sided with the Giants on this matter. “Trent Williams has serious problems with self control. Swung on a Giants lineman tonight.”

Said account then posted a video of the 49ers' Williams involved in an ugly brawl with Eagles players as well. When Eagles fans and Giants fans see eye-to-eye, that's a strong sign Williams really got away with something.