5 best Green Bay Packers coaches of all time, ranked
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5 best Green Bay Packers coaches of all time, ranked

The Green Bay Packers have found a lot of success over their many decades. There have been many elite teams, led by some of the better coaches in NFL history. The Packers have been a franchise since 1919 and during that time they have had 15 head coaches.

There have been some that only coached a few games, and others who led the team to multiple championships. Let’s rank the five best Packers coaches of all time.

5. Mike Sherman

The Packers had many top-tier coaches, making it hard to pick who should be ranked fifth.. If Matt LaFleur finds success during his time in Green Bay, there is a good chance that Mike Sherman will be knocked off this list. For now, though, he resides at No. 5.

Sherman joined the Packers before the 2000 season, staying with the team through 2005. Along with being the coach, he also was the general manager for the first four years of his tenure. Green Bay’s offense was high-powered with Sherman in charge, but although they had a lot of regular season success, the Packers were 2-4 during the playoffs.

4. Mike Holmgren

Mike Holmgren brought back the winning ways to Green Bay, something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Each of the five coaches before Holmgren all had losing records while in charge of the team. Holmgren was at the Packers’ helm from 1992-1998, leading the team to a 75-37 record during the regular season.

In the playoffs, he led the Packers to three NFC North Championships, two conference championships and a victory in Super Bowl XXXI. While fans were disappointed when he left the Packers to join the Seattle Seahawks, it certainly doesn’t take away from how much success he had during his time in Green Bay.

3. Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy took over for Sherman after he bolted to join the Seahawks. McCarthy was the second-longest-tenured coach in Packers history. McCarthy had a 125-77-2 record during the regular season and a 10-8 record during the postseason. McCarthy also led Green Bay to a victory in Super Bowl XLV.

When people look back at McCarthy’s tenure with the Packers a few things stand out. There was the Brett Favre fiasco when he announced he would retire and later decided he wanted to come back, but the Packers had already given the job to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers and McCarthy also didn’t have a great relationship towards the end the coach’s tenure in Green Bay.

2. Curly Lambeau

Curly Lambeau was the Packers’ first coach, coming aboard in 1921 and staying with the team all the way through the 1949 season. His offense was the first to use the forward pass as a way to move the ball. Lambeau led the team to a 209-104-21 record during the regular season. He also led Green Bay to eight division championships and six league championships. For a lot of teams, a coach like Lambeau would be the best in their franchise’s history, but for one with such a proud history like the Packers, Lambeau comes in at No. 2.

1. Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi took over as the Packers’ head coach in 1959 and stayed with the team through the 1967 season. The regular-season numbers were impressive for Green Bay under Lombardi’s leadership, leading the team to an 89-29-4 mark, but what he is really known for is what he did in the postseason.

Lombardi’s Packers won six conference championships and five league championships, including the first two Super Bowls in NFL history.

Not only is Lombardi the greatest coach in Packers history, but he is also one of the best in NFL history. Hence why the Lombardi Trophy, given to the Super Bowl champions, is named after him. It recognizes not only a coach who changed the Packers franchise forever but also the league itself.