Henry Cavill’s surprising exit as Superman has left James Gunn and DC Studios with the unenviable task of finding the next Man of Steel. The thing is, the Enola Holmes and Witcher actor’s popularity amongst fans is at its highest, especially after his return in Black Adam’s post-credits scene. And while finding a replacement for him seems hard, it’s not impossible for to do so. We take a look below at 5 guys who can fill in Cavill’s shoes in the new DC universe.

5 best actors to replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the DC universe

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5. Austin Butler

Sometime last month, James Gunn reportedly said that his vision for the new DC universe involves a younger version of Clark Kent, one that didn’t match Henry Cavill at all. In this regard, it only makes sense to find someone who can fill the shoes of Superman, not only in the short-term, but for the whole duration of Gunn’s rumored 10-year plan for DC. If this is the case, Austin Butler has a fighting chance to nab the role.

Although he’s currently 31 years old, Butler fits the bill of a younger Kal-El in Gunn’s DC universe. Add in his recent performance as Elvis in the 2022 film that shares the same title, and fans may have found something special in the actor. All he needs is to bulk up a little, and be given the right story of how Clark Kent’s early years as Superman in Metropolis, and everyone’s attention will be drawn to this relatively new name in the industry.

4. Nicholas Hoult

While most fans know Nicholas Hoult as Beast from the X-Men movies, there’s really a lot more to the actor than meets the eye. From movies that show him in his early years, such as About a Boy and Warm Bodies, to those that take him out of his comfort zone, like Mad Max: Fury Road, the range of talent Hoult possess is more than enough for him to be considered as Superman in the new DC universe.

Without a doubt, Hoult can pull off Clark Kent without breaking a sweat. Since he played a similar character in Hank McCoy, the upside is clearly there for Hoult. The unknown element, of course, is if he can pull off the Superman part, and all the inspiring heroics it entails. But just as much as he has shown in Fury Road, there’s really no stopping Hoult from diving in headfirst into the character to make it his own. If he manages to win the role, fans can expect a new facet to the Superman mythos with Hoult donning the cape.

3. Adam DiMarco

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Without a doubt, The White Lotus Season 2 has been one of HBO Max’s best offerings last year. Those who have watched the series certainly caught Adam DiMarco playing Albie, the show’s resident nice guy. In his performance there, fans could already see the youthful optimism and vigor that can be used to great effect as Superman in the new DC universe.

At this point in time, DiMarco is only seven years younger than Henry Cavill. Even with that small difference in age, The White Lotus actor can still play a younger Kal-El, one that can leave a good impression on fans everywhere. With his selfless performance in the HBO original series, it won’t be hard for DiMarco to slide into Clark Kent’s shoes and become the new face of the franchise.

2. Jacob Elordi

As James Gunn has stressed in his vision for the DC universe, the Superman he needs is a younger one than Henry Cavill can offer at the moment. Jacob Elordi’s edge, among many, is his age. At this point in time, the Euphoria actor is just 25 years old, making him an instant favorite to play the Man of Steel. Add in his chiseled good looks and you’ve got a Superman that can jive well with Gunn’s vision for the future.

But of course, age and looks are just two parts of the whole. Elordi has proven himself to be a force of nature in Euphoria. If given the chance, he can truly make the role of Superman his own and give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for its money as he spearheads the potential rise of DC. With the swoon factor locked in, fans of the franchise will surely have something great to look forward to.

1. David Corenswet

Out of all the choices out there, including the four previous entries listed above, none so far has achieved the sweet spot David Corenswet is in right now. Judging by his looks and demeanor alone, most DC fans out there are already seeing Superman come to life. His blue eyes, chiseled jaw, and easy-to-like personality are trademark traits of the Big Blue Boy Scout in the comics, films, and different television shows. And with his roles in The Politician and Hollywood, it’s pretty easy to see the talent behind the physique, which would be ideal in the DC universe James Gunn is building.

It remains to be seen who James Gunn will cast for the iconic role of Superman. In any case, the five guys above will certainly be up to the task of playing the new Man of Steel for DC in the years to come.