We thought of five features from GTA V we'd love to see in GTA VI. Earlier this month, we saw Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar Games announce an upcoming trailer for GTA VI. While many fans can't wait to see all the new gameplay, we want to temper our expectations on what the trailer actually will be. Nevertheless, we can't help but compile a list of things we'd love to see return from GTA V.

Five Features From GTA V We'd Love To See In GTA VI

1. Character Abilities

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Hopefully GTA VI implements some sort of character ability system.

Without a doubt, the #1 thing I'd love to see return is Franklin's special ability from GTA V. Hopefully, all protagonists in GTA VI (if more than one) should have this by default. For those who don't know, this ability allowed Franklin to drive in a slo-mo like state that made chase missions a heck of a lot easier. Additionally, it made cruising the streets of Los Santos much more exciting, even if you had no real objective.

Of course, we also love Trevor's Red Mist, which allowed him to take more damage while dealing a lot more. Overall, we don't expect these abilities to just be copied and pasted over. However, considering the game literally promotes Grand Theft Auto, a driving ability seems in order.

We also wonder if Rockstar tries something out of the box, like characters having more abilities when fighting with other protagonists. Many of the rumors suggest the protagonists could be lovers, or a Bonnie/Clyde situation. Perhaps a special ability where they both deal more damage or get unlimited ammo would seem like a proper fit.

2. Stock Market & Expanded Internet

One of the most interesting aspects of Grand Theft Auto V is the stock market feature available on everyone's phone. However, we can't even mention that without talking about the entire internet feature itself within the game. With your phone, GTA V allows you to visit various websites where you could read social media posts, watch entire tv show episodes, read funny articles and of course, visit the stock market.

Firstly, the stock enabled players to earn massive amounts of money via Lester Missions. While we don't expect such an exploit to return, we still love how detailed the feature felt. We loved the idea that your actions affected the world itself. Did you shoot up a store? Its competitor might benefit from that, which means you should invest in them.

Overall, we wonder how much more in-depth GTA VI could go. Will we see more shows, podcasts, or even livestreams? Who knows. Nevertheless, even the base feature itself with no massive changes would still be welcome.

3. Heist

Heists in GTA V were on a whole other level compared to GTA IV's Three Leaf Clover Mission. From choosing which plan to deploy, to finding better crew members in random open world events, there was so much variety in GTA V's heists. Overall, GTA V featured six heists, all of which wove the narrative of the story. These heists saw you take on a jewelry store, the FIB headquarters, and even the Union Depository.

However, it doesn't end there. GTA V Online allows players to team up and form their own Heist crews. Although Heists had their own cooldown period, it still technically meant they were replayable. Therefore, you and your friends could always hop in and try taking on a challenge.

We wonder if GTA VI will devote the same amount of time and effort into heists, if not something else. Perhaps Rockstar has something else up their sleeves that should alleviate the criminal itch.

4. Crews

Speaking of GTA V Online, Crews should, and most likely will return in GTA VI Online. This allowed players to essentially create their own gangs, with their own custom logos and 4-characte-Tags, mottos, and more. While not the absolute biggest feature that needs to return, joining a crew made the GTA experience more fun. It just meant you had more people to enjoy the game with and team up with. Overall, we'd love to see Crews return.

GTA VI could implement something entirely different, though keep the same spirit as Crews. Quite possibly, the developers plan to ditch Crews or rework it entirely into something different.

5. Dog Or Pet Companion

Lastly, and more so for jokes, but we'd love to see a canine companion in GTA VI. Although training Chop required time and effort, it felt fun traversing with Man's best friend. You could bring him along to chomp at enemy thugs (or innocent civilians). Lastly, playing with Chop provided a nice break for those who needed to waste time for their friends to get on.

GTA VI could expand on the idea by adding more animal variants, like tigers, bears, coyotes, hyenas, or something else. However, it's also entirely possible the developer does away with a feature that doesn't really need to be in the next game. Considering Rockstar's attention to detail with RDR2, we think the same applies to Grand Theft Auto.

And that wraps up our list of features we'd love to see. Overall, we expect to see tons of series-staple features to remain. However, you never know what to expect Rockstar, who's work led to the creation of titles such as L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption. We wonder what GTA VI features actually are in the works, though.

We look forward to the GTA VI reveal trailer, which debuts next month.

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