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5 ways the 2020 NFL Draft setup could go horribly wrong

NFL Draft

The league is taking the 2020 NFL Draft to the next level in Las Vegas. The stage for the 2020 draft will be on the water at the fountains of Bellagio. The players will be transported to the stage by boat.

The view will be amazing, but having a draft stage on water also comes with risk. Let’s breakdown five ways this could all go horribly wrong.

5. Boat stalls or crashes

There are going to be a lot of eyes on the players making the trip to the stage, and boats sometimes have issues. What happens if the boat’s motor decides to stops working in the middle of the trip?

The players could also be so excited heading to the stage they could be rocking the boat, and cause the boat to crash into the stage. A wet NFL Draft prospect is still a good one, right? About that…

4. Player falls into water getting off the boat

The boat is going to take the players to the stage, but the players have to get off the boat and into the stage. If the boat starts drifting away from the stage when a player or their families try to step on to it they could end up in the water.

It would look a bit weird if Joe Burrow’s suit was wet when he was selected with the first pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL Draft.

3. Player celebrates by taking a swim

It’s probably going to be warm in Las Vegas and wearing a suit for a long period of time is going to get hot. Players could be so excited to be drafted they might want to take a swim to try and cool off.

That might not be the worst thing to happen, but it would be quite the scene.

2. Storm

Las Vegas gets less than five inches of rain a year on average, but it would be only the NFL’s luck to have a big storm during the NFL Draft. What would the NFL do if that happened? Being close to or in water during storm is not a smart thing. Could the first round of the NFL draft be postponed by a thunderstorm?

1. Stage collapses

The water isn’t very deep in the fountain, which is a good thing because this stage needs to be built well. It sounds like musical performances are going to happen on the stage, which could mean a lot of jumping around and excitement. What if the stage failed and everyone standing on it went into the water?

Hopefully, none of these things happen, but the league could be playing with fire having an NFL Draft happen in water.