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A German voiceover studio leaked the Sonic Colors Remaster

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The internet increasingly makes it difficult for game developers to keep their projects under wraps. It becomes infinitely more difficult to keep secrets when an outsourced company decides to spill the beans. Thanks to a German dubbing studio, players now believe a remaster of Sonic Colors is on the way. Developers already face enough challenges with leakers and hackers but this is an entirely different ballpark. Thanks to one attentive Twitter user, Sonic fans everywhere rejoice at the prospect of a modern take on one of the franchise’s best games.


Germany-based voiceover studio iksample included a listing for a Sonic Colors Remastered game on their body of works. The linked site in the Tweet has temporarily shut down for maintenance but it’s most likely due to the damage caused by the leak. Sega showed no inclination of ever remaking Sonic Colors but there’s no denying cold hard evidence. The involvement of a German localization team points towards more language options for Sonic games should the remaster hold true.

Sonic Colors initially released back in 2010 on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Now it could potentially arrive on the Nintendo Switch or on PC once Sega officially confirms the project. Several Sonic the Hedgehog games made their way to the Steam platform in recent years.

Iksample most likely rocked the localization for the German language but their slip-up with the project could prove fatal. Naturally, Sega’s lack of announcement for the remake extends to any statement towards the situation. Sega could potentially validate the alleged remaster project if they come out for or against the German voiceover company.

Recently, the sequel to the live-action film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog was confirmed for an April 2022 release. Hopefully, Sega answers the prayers of millions of Sonic fans around the world hoping for a remake of Sonic Colors.