The Los Angeles Dodgers are prepared to make a serious run at Aaron Judge. However, they will need to act quickly with the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees also trying to land the superstar. If the Dodgers are able to sign Judge in free agency, they would still have a number of decisions to make. Let's take a look at 2 moves the Dodgers must make if they sign Judge this offseason.

Chris Taylor, not Mookie Betts, must switch positions

Rumors have swirled in reference to a potential Mookie Betts positional change if LA lands Judge. Betts and Judge are both talented right fielders, but Betts is a Gold Glove caliber outfielder. He's reportedly open to a move to second base, but the Dodgers would benefit most from having him remain right field.

They could ultimately place Aaron Judge in left field. Fans may wonder what would happen to Chris Taylor as a result of that move. Taylor is one of the most versatile players on the team and could take over third base duties if the Dodgers do not re-sign Justin Turner.

This would allow the Dodgers to keep Taylor's bat in the lineup while placing arguably the best two players in baseball at each of the corner outfield positions. It would also keep Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge from having to play centerfield.

With that being said, who would take over centerfield duties?

With Aaron Judge in left, who takes over in center?

The Dodgers have plenty of centerfield options. Former Tampa Bay Rays centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier has been linked to LA, while Trayce Thompson could take over duties in centerfield as well.

With Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts patrolling left and right field, Los Angeles could place their focus on finding a glove-first player for the position. Someone like Kiermaier would make sense in that regard.

Whether its Thompson, Kiermaier, or another quality defender, the Dodgers must look into adding a defensive-first centerfielder should they sign Aaron Judge in free agency.

Final thoughts

In the end, the Dodgers would have no shortage of decision to make if they add Aaron Judge this offseason. But this specific course of action would allow them to have the best chance of winning in 2023.