The San Francisco Giants are considered to be the New York Yankees' biggest threat in the Aaron Judge free agency sweepstakes, and latest reports indicate that they are making their move

In fact, a recent video of Judge is going viral, as it showed the Yankees slugger arriving in San Francisco. The newly crowned AL MVP said he's just visiting some family and friends, though everyone knows he's there for business. According to related reports, Judge will be meeting with the Giants on Tuesday.

The Yankees have been considered as the favorites to land Aaron Judge. After all, the 30-year-old is coming off a historic year with the team despite their shortcomings in the playoffs. Not to mention that the New York franchise also reportedly offered a $337 million contract to keep him–although that figure is only a rumor.

However, the Giants have long been linked with Judge as well and could very well snatch him away. With that, the meeting between Judge and the team is definitely not a good sign for the Yankees.

Of course it's not only the Giants that the Yankees should be concerned about. More recently, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been mentioned again in the Judge chase, especially after the team freed up a ton of money this free agency.

It remains to be seen where Judge will end up with, though his decision will definitely have a major impact on the MLB.