The Los Angeles Dodgers have already been linked to a number of stars in MLB free agency and via trade. Signing Justin Verlander has been presented as a short-term option for LA. Trading for Miami Marlins' pitcher Pablo Lopez would also be a quality move. However, the one player who could change the entire dynamic for the Dodgers' long-term future is Aaron Judge.

Landing Aaron Judge will be no simple task. Los Angeles already has money tied up in other contracts, and Judge is receiving no shortage of interest in free agency. With that being said, he is from California and could have interest in joining Mookie Betts in Los Angeles.

Without further ado, here is a look at 3 reasons the Dodgers must sign Aaron Judge in free agency.

Steal Aaron Judge from the Giants

The San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees are the favorites to sign the slugger. A return to New York is certainly not out of the question for Judge. But San Francisco has been listed as a very realistic suitor for him in free agency.

The Dodgers certainly do not want to have to face Judge in the same division for the next decade. Signing him in free agency would take him away from their rivals. It would be a two-for-one opportunity for Los Angeles.

San Francisco has admitted that they are willing to spend big money this offseason. And their top priority is presumably Aaron Judge. If the Dodgers can steal him away from both San Francisco and New York, it would change the dynamic of the entire league for years to come.

Dodgers' stacked lineup

The Dodgers' lineup is already impressive. But adding Aaron Judge to a batting order that includes Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman is unfair. They would immeditaely become one of the best trios in a single lineup of all-time.

Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge are both in the running for best player in baseball. Meanwhile, Freeman is one of the best pure hitters of this generation. And the Dodgers would have talented depth around those 3 players.

Will Smith, Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor, and others all provide thump from all over the order. Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger could help matters should they both return for the 2023 campaign.

A real dynasty

Finally, the Dodgers may find interest in signing Aaron Judge for the prospect of building a dynasty. Los Angeles has just 1 World Series victory over the course of the past 30 years. But they have featured arguably the best roster in baseball over the past 5 seasons.

Since they continuously fall short in the playoffs, signing one of baseball's best players would make sense. Aaron Judge's offensive prowess is undeniably immense. He is also a quality defender. If the Dodgers were to sign Judge, it would potentially spell the end of Cody Bellinger's tenure in LA. Nevertheless, Dodgers fans wouldn't mind seeing a change given Bellinger's struggles as of late.

With Judge, Betts, and Freeman anchoring the lineup, and the Dodgers' pitching rotation limiting opponents, Los Angeles would be a force for the next 5-10 years at the very least.

As aforementioned, signing Aaron Judge will be a challenge. But the Dodgers are a dream destination for many free agents. And they have displayed willingness to spend money in order to enhance the team over the past few years.