AC Milan is in discussions with retired Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic about a potential return to the club, igniting excitement among fans and the football world, reported by GOAL.

The iconic 41-year-old forward officially hung up his boots at the conclusion of the previous season due to injuries that began taking their toll. His illustrious career ended while he was in Italy, where he had secured a second Serie A title with AC Milan, leaving an indelible mark on the club.

Recent sightings of Ibrahimovic in Milan, coinciding with a Champions League encounter with Newcastle, have fueled speculation about a possible reunion between the Swedish star and the Rossoneri. According to reports from Calciomercato, discussions have taken place between Ibrahimovic and club owner Gerry Cardinale regarding a prospective role for the former international.

AC Milan is keen to leverage Ibrahimovic's vast experience and magnetic personality. He is someone who understands the pressures of performing under the brightest of spotlights and possesses the charisma to bridge the gap between the dressing room and the coaching staff.

Amid the departure of club legend Paolo Maldini during the summer, there have been suggestions that Ibrahimovic could assume a team manager role, working in collaboration with head coach Stefano Pioli. However, Ibrahimovic is known for his measured decision-making and is not rushing into any commitments. He seeks a clearer understanding of the club's structure and the specifics of his potential role.

Further meetings between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and AC Milan are slated for November or December, where the details of his possible return and the nature of his involvement with the club are expected to be discussed in greater depth. If the return materializes, it will undoubtedly be a remarkable and emotional homecoming for one of football's most enigmatic and celebrated figures.