The sky is the limit for the popularity of Iowa women's basketball star Caitlin Clark. It's already through the roof, but she will certainly get more attention in the future, as she continues her rise as a legend in women's hoops. Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum also lived through such hype in college, so she knows what it is like for Clark.

“I feel like people started caring less about the game and more about just the individual points,” the Aces star guard said (h/t Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press). “You can play really well and score 15, 20 points and have a great game and people will be like, ‘Aw, it was only a 20-point game.’ It was tough for me because I felt like I lost a little bit of my identity and it ultimately led to a tough transition into the (WNBA) because the expectations were so high. So, if anything, I’d try to send her as much compassion and love as I can and I hope the people around her are checking in with her … because it’s going to be tough to feel like you’re just playing basketball.”

Clark will inevitably be joining Plum in the WNBA, and could potentially land on a team that will eventually turn into an Aces rival. In any case, Clark's looking arrival in the WNBA will be a huge boost not just for her popularity but for the league's as well, as she'll carry with her all the fans she's inspired in her legendary college career.