PFL Week 3: Andrey Koreshkov vs. Magomed Umalatov continues on the prelims with a fight between promotional newcomers Adam Borics and Enrique Barzola in the featherweight division. Borics comes into his PFL regular season debut after a two-year layoff after losing his title bid against Patricio Pitbull for the Bellator featherweight title meanwhile, Barzola has won back-to-back fights as he makes his PFL regular season debut. With that said, check out our PFL odds series for our Borics-Barzola prediction and pick.

Adam Borics (18-2) was on the fast track to the Bellator featherweight title when he was nine of his 10 fights for the promotion. Unfortunately, things didn't go so well for him when he dropped a unanimous decision to the current featherweight champion. Now after an 18-month hiatus, he is back and is making his PFL regular season debut when he takes on former Bellator bantamweight standout Enrique Barzola.

Enrique Barzola (20-7-2) made his presence known in Bellator after winning each of his first two fights with the promotion. However, he dropped his next two fights only to now be on a two-fight winning streak coming into his PFL featherweight debut. Barzola will be looking to make a statement in his new home inside the PFL SmartCage when he takes on former Bellator featherweight title challenger Adam Borics.

Here are the PFL Odds, courtesy of BetOnline. 

PFL Week 3 Odds: Adam Borics-Enrique Barzola Odds

Adam Borics: -150

Enrique Barzola: +130

Over 2.5 rounds: -325

Under 2.5 rounds: +250

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Why Adam Borics Will Win

Adam Borics is poised for a victory against Enrique Barzola in the upcoming PFL Week 3, leveraging his distinctive fighting style and tactical acumen. Borics, known for his dynamic and explosive approach, brings a unique blend of Muay Thai and karate to the cage, which has been finely honed at Kill Cliff FC. His ability to manage distance and execute flying knees makes him a formidable striker.

Borics' adaptability was on full display in his previous fights, where he demonstrated not just striking prowess but also a keen ability to adjust his tactics mid-fight. This adaptability will be crucial against Barzola, who primarily relies on his wrestling and grappling skills. Borics' experience in handling grapplers, as seen in his fights against seasoned wrestlers, will play a significant role. His ability to maintain distance and use his reach advantage effectively allows him to control the pace and space of the fight.

On the other hand, Enrique Barzola, although a tough competitor with a solid foundation in wrestling and a black belt in Luta Livre, shows notable weaknesses that Borics can exploit. Barzola has been identified as having poor striking defense and a tendency to be pushed against the cage. These vulnerabilities are critical in a match against a striker of Borics' caliber, who can use his striking to either keep Barzola at bay or catch him during entry attempts for takedowns.

Borics' physical attributes, including a superior reach and a height advantage, will aid him in keeping the aggressive Peruvian fighter at the end of his strikes. Suppose Borics can keep the fight standing and exploit Barzola's defensive gaps. In that case, he has a clear path to victory through either a decisive knockout or a dominant decision win by controlling the fight's tempo and location.

Why Enrique Barzola Will Win

Enrique Barzola is set to face Adam Borics this Friday night at PFL Week 3, Barzola may be at a disadvantage on the feet but still possesses the necessary tools to score the upset in this matchup. A seasoned competitor with a well-rounded skill set, Barzola's wrestling and grappling prowess are expected to be the key factors in this matchup.

Barzola, a black belt in Luta Livre, has demonstrated time and again his ability to control opponents on the ground. His wrestling acumen, combined with relentless pressure and cardio, allows him to dictate the pace of the fight, a strategy that could be particularly effective against a striker like Borics. By closing the distance and avoiding Borics' striking range, Barzola can neutralize his opponent's primary weapons.

Moreover, Barzola's experience in high-stakes fights has honed his ability to execute game plans under pressure. His adaptability and mental toughness will be crucial in navigating the challenges posed by Borics' dynamic striking. By implementing a strategy focused on takedowns and ground control, Barzola can sap Borics' energy, reducing the effectiveness of his striking over time.

Barzola's relentless pace and pressure can also exploit potential gaps in Borics' ground game. If Barzola successfully brings the fight to the mat early and maintains top control, he can wear down Borics, opening opportunities for ground-and-pound or submission attempts to get the win on Friday night.

Final Adam Borics-Enrique Barzola Prediction & Pick

What a great fight the PFL has put together in the featherweight division between former Bellator title challenger Adam Borics and former Bellator bantamweight contender Enrique Barzola. Borics fought his way to a 9-1 record only to fall short of his title bit against Patricio Pitbull in 2022. Meanwhile, Barzola also fell short in his championship bid when he last to Magomed Magomedov in the semi-finals of the Bellator Grand Prix. In this matchup, Borics is going to have the size, length, and striking advantages while Barzola will have the grappling edge. Ultimately, expect Borics to keep Barzola at bay with his kicks and his other varied attacks just out striking or potentially finishing Barzola on the feet to get his first win inside the PFL SmartCage.

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Final Adam Borics-Enrique Barzola Prediction & Pick: Adam Borics (-150), Over 2.5 Rounds (-325)