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After Brandon Phillips called out JBA for being unpaid, differing rumor emerges

Brandon Phillips, JBA

After Brandon Phillips called out the JBA, the league ran by LaVar Ball, the professional organization has finally responded through some discussions with a website.

For those unaware of the context: According to Cycle’s Thomas Duffy, the player said the JBA had only paid him about one-third of what he was promised. Not only that, but Brandon Phillips claims he paid for his own bags to be checked on flights and that phone calls to the league were going unanswered and not responded.

The fallout is all over, but Brandon Williams from Fresh Sports Talk claims to have some answers after speaking to people.

On the paying for bags:

I’ve spoken with several JBA players and each of them refuted this emphatically. One player stated, “No. The only time someone had to pay for their bags was if it was overweight, which Alan (Director of Big Baller Brand) reimbursed.”

Another player when asked if he ever paid for his bags denied this claim stating, “Never, not once. We usually flew South West (which waives bag fees), but the times we didn’t, money was provided for bags.”

Williams also said he talked to Brandon Phillips who stands by his claim, but that a JBA official told him “All [cut] players were reimbursed for [any costs] prior to release.”

Sounds a lot like a lot of he-said, then more he-said, followed by nothing actually cleared up.