The MCU's Agatha series finally landed on a title, Agatha All Along. Kathryn Hahn will reprise her MCU role from WandaVision for the Disney+ series and has made a bold promise for the series' usage of CGI.

Speaking to Deadline at Disney's upfront presentation, Hahn teased her upcoming series.

“We can say that the coven is strong,” she told the outlet. “We can say that it is hilarious and deep. And I was moved to work with all these people every day. It was a gratuitous dream that it happened to be this group to go through that together.”

She then praised creator Jac Schaeffer, saying that the series' goal was for there “to be minimal CGI.” This is a shocking development, as MCU projects are known for their reliance on it. Perhaps Agatha All Along is attempting to ground the franchise.

“There is very little that is not practical magic, which is our magic,” Hahn revealed. “That was very thrilling. [The] sets were incredible and it was like a practical… it just felt delicious. It was a very immersive experience.”

Patti LuPone added that “the production design and the set dressers, and the lighting, and the costumes, everything about it, it appeared to all of us when we saw it, that everybody on the creative end were at the top of their game.”

She also claimed that Agatha All Along “looks like a 100 million dollar movie.”

What is Agatha All Along? 

Kathryn Hahn at the Emmys in 2017.
Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY.

Agatha All Along is an upcoming MCU Disney+ series created by Jac Schaeffer, who will be the lead director in addition to the lead writer. Schaeffer previously wrote several episodes of WandaVision and served as an executive producer and showrunner of the series. She also helped develop the story of the Black Widow film that same year.

In addition to Agatha All Along, Schaeffer will be the showrunner, writer, and executive producer of the Vision Quest MCU series. She has become a fixture of the MCU after first gaining notoriety for writing Olaf's Frozen Adventure and The Hustle.

Several different titles were teased before the official title was unveiled. Agatha All Along is a reference to the song of the same name from WandaVision. The series picks up after the events of WandaVision as Agatha (Hahn) teams up with unlikely allies to regain her powers.

Aubrey Plaza, Joe Locke, and Patti LuPone will star in the film alongside Hahn. Agatha All Along will be a part of Phase Five in the MCU and will premiere on September 19, 2024. Eyes of Wakanda, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Daredevil: Born Again, and Ironheart will close out Phase Five on the television side of the MCU.

Kathryn Hahn got her start on TV starring in Crossing Jordan. She gained notoriety for her roles in various comedies including How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Step Brothers, and We're the Millers.

She has also gotten to lead films such as Bad Moms and Private Life. Her other notable credits include The Visit and the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Hahn voiced a role in a different Marvel project, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, as well.