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Alabama sees insane streak end ahead of massive SEC title game vs. Georgia

Alabama, Georgia, SEC

The Alabama Crimson Tide have dominated college football under the leadership of head coach Nick Saban. Saban and Alabama have won numerous national titles but there’s one insane streak that shows just how dominant the Crimson Tide have been. Alabama’s streak came to an end ahead of the SEC title game with Georgia, though it’s impressive to sit back and consider the magnitude of the streak, which was noted by ESPN personality Field Yates.

That’s almost unbelievable. For 92 straight games, Saban and Alabama were favored against anyone and everyone who lined up to face them, until Saturday ahead of the contest with Georgia. That’s arguably more impressive than the resume of the Crimson Tide under Saban, which includes a 176-24 record, 19 bowl game appearances, and six national championships.

Each of Saban’s Alabama teams since 2008 have ranked number-one or spent some time as the number one team in the nation. However, this streak as the favorites seems to top all of those accomplishments, or at least rival them.

Not only that, but Alabama broke their own record of consecutive games as a favorite. That is just a whole other level of dominance.

Despite Alabama’s number-four ranking and Georgia’s unbeaten season, all of these accolades, as well as the lengthy streak, make it hard to bet against Saban and his squad in the SEC title game, no matter the circumstances.