It’s quite exciting to see that HoYoverse isn’t stepping on the brakes when it comes to releasing major characters from the Archon quests. Following Nahida and the Wanderer, a vital ally of the Traveler will appear on the Genshin Impact version 3.4. After Alhaitham helped to create a plan with the Traveler and others to save Nahida, he now leads the Akademiya after the series of events that unfolded during the Archon Quest. After all the teasers on Alhaitham’s abilities and move sets in the previous versions, his true combat prowess has now been revealed to everyone. From the surface, he seems to be a powerful Dendro DPS character who only needs a bit of Electro to deal a lot of DPS. In this Alhaitham Guide, we will be discussing whether you should pull for Alhaitham, if he is strong, and if he is worth your primogems.

3 Reasons To Pull For Alhaitham

Let’s make a nutshell for Alhaitham first: He’s a sword-wielding 5-Star Dendro character, who has a kit that’s oriented at dealing a lot of sustained damage. His Elemental Skill infuses his normal attacks with Dendro, while his Elemental Burst deals varying instances of Dendro damage, depending on how many Mirrors (from his Skill) he is holding.

Now that we have a grasp of what Alhaitham is capable of doing, is he really worth it? If you have obtained Nahida from Version 3.2 but still need a strong Dendro Hypercarry, then Alhaitham’s a fantastic addition to your party. Alhaitham becomes a monster on the field thanks to the Dendro Resonance and insane EM boost from Nahida.

Alhaitham is also incredibly busted at maximum investment (like, whale-tier investment). His fourth and sixth constellations provide ungodly amounts of power, and his signature 5-star weapon the Primordial Jade Cutter is leagues better than any other 5-star sword in the game. But even if you don’t really spend a lot on him, a simple Sacrificial Sword will also do great on him. That’s just how good he is.

Here are more reasons why Alhaitham is worth pulling for:

  1. You like his gameplay and/or design.
  2. You may be interested in characters with accessible infusions (the likes of Keqing, and Ayaka).
  3. Pairing him with Cyno is actually really cool.

3 Reasons Why You Should Skip This Banner

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First off, let’s talk about infusions. There are three kinds of infusion characters, and one of them is considered significantly weaker than the other two. The first one is the Pure Element type like Ayaka and Itto. They don’t rely on Elemental Reactions, but rather on only one element and a massive amount of damage multipliers. The second one is the non-internal coold down (ICD) Reaction type like Xiangling and Hu Tao. They rely on huge elemental reactions, or an insane amount of them like Raiden teams, without being restricted by ICD rules. Unfortunately, Alhaitham belongs to the third type, which includes infusions that stick to the ICD rule.

What all of this means is Alhaitham’s real power only shows up in certain instances throughout his damage, which has been true for many similar characters in the past, like Keqing and Yoimiya.

Alhaitham’s potential is also very limited at the F2P level, especially for those who missed out on Nahida. Iron Sting and Sacrificial Sword are decent for him, but it’s far from ideal compared to his signature weapon, the Primordial Jade Cutter. An alternative option would be equipping him with Harbinger of Dawn, while protected by Zhongli’s near-impenetrable shield.

Here are more reasons why Alhaitham might not be for you:

  1. You don’t like his design and/or gameplay.
  2. There are more interesting characters that’s coming very soon, like Dehya, Mika, and Baizhu.
  3. He’s mechanically difficult to play, especially on mobile.


Due to the sheer amount of characters, weapons, and strategies already existing in the game, nearly all characters can be viable in the hardest content, and Alhaitham is no exception. He is still incredibly strong, but the amount of resources needed for him to perform at the same level as other meta characters might scare away many F2P players.

For more on Genshin Impact, then you will find a lot from our Genshin Impact repository. We’ve got leaks, rumors, and guides that can help you build the best versions of your waifu and husband characters in the game, including the materials you need to bring out Alhaitham’s full potential. What kind of weapons and artifacts to use, which characters to put together into teams, and how to beat Spiral Abyss and different bosses in the game. For anything else about gaming, stick with ClutchPoints Gaming.