Brawl Stars Season 28 officially begins today, bringing a new Brawl Pass, skins, and much more. Season 28 marks the return of Mega Boxes along with a new classic event. Furthermore, Berry, the newest epic brawler, made his debut just recently, with another brawler on the way soon. For the convenience of players, we listed all Brawl Pass rewards below for Brawl Stars Season 28.

Brawl Stars Season 28 All Brawl Pass Rewards โ€“ Coins, Power Points, Starr Drops & More

Free Tier500 Power Points1000 Bling1500 Bling
1Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
2100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
3Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
41000 Coins1000 Coins1500 Coins
5Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
6100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
7Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
9Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
101000 Power Points1000 Power Points1500 Power Points
11Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
12100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
13Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
141000 Coins1000 Coinsโ€“
15Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
16100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
17Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
1810 Gems10 Gemss10 Gems
19Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
201000 Coins1000 Coinsโ€“
21Starr DropNew Sprayโ€“
22100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
23Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
241000 Power Points1000 Power Pointsโ€“
25Starr DropUnlock New Brawlerโ€“
26100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
27Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
2810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
29Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
301000 Coins1000 Coinsโ€“
31Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
32100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
33Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
341000 Coins1000 Coinsโ€“
35Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
36100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
37Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
3810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
39Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
401000 Coins1000 Coinsโ€“
41Starr DropPlayer Pinโ€“
4210 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
43Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
441000 Coins1000 Coins1500 Coins
45Starr DropPlayer Iconโ€“
46100 Credits100 CreditsRuby Medusa EMZ Skin
47Starr Drop100 Blingโ€“
481000 Coins1000 CoinsSapphire Medusa EMZ Skin
49100 Credits100 Creditsโ€“
50Legendary Starr DropMedusa EMZ SkinImmortal Player Title

That wraps up all the Brawl Stars Season 28 Rewards for the Free Pass, Brawl Pass, and Brawl Pass Plus. To earn rewards, players must level up their pass by earning XP. To earn XP in Brawl Stars, you need to play matches, complete quests, and earn XP Doublers via Starr Drops.

For free-to-play users, the Free pass offers 2,500 Power Points, 8,000 Coins, 1000 Credits, and multiple Starr Drops (varying rarities). Lastly, the final free reward includes a Legendary Starr Drop, as always. Who knows? This Starr Drop might help you receive the game's newest Legendary Brawler, Draco.

Brawl Pass ($6.99) or Pass Plus ($9.99) players, can earn even more rewards. Overall, Brawl Pass Players receive more credits to unlock brawlers, more bling to purchase skins, and more power points to upgrade brawlers. You also receive more gems, which you can use to unlock new brawlers, Hypercharge abilities, or skins. Furthermore, they receive a Medusa EMZ Skin at level 50.

Lastly, Brawl Pass Plus players receive all the rewards, a 20% XP boost, two additional skins, and more. This includes Bling, Power Points, Gems, and even a player Title. Regardless of which Pass you run with, you should receive a good amount of items to upgrade your favorite brawlers at the least.

Overall, we hope you enjoy Brawl Stars Season 28's rewards, and everything else the season offers. Make sure to join a club as you'll receive more rewards and potentially some new friends to play with. Between Club Games and Quests, these modes should help new players, especially free-to-play users, a fair chance at getting some great loot.

Best of luck in earning all the rewards for Season 28! Lastly, have a happy Fourth of July!

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