Alvin Kamara: Bold predictions for Saints RB against Vikings in Wild Card
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Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara: Bold predictions for the Saints RB against the Vikings in the Wild Card

The New Orleans Saints will start their playoff run this season in the Wild Card round, and they will play an interesting opponent in the Minnesota Vikings. While they are considered slight favorites to win this one, expect Alvin Kamara to try and ball out for the Saints as they try to progress past the Vikings.

Of course, the Saints are still a pass-oriented offense that should still be reliant on Drew Brees’ ability to throw the football. However, Kamara should be able to get some snaps and try to make life difficult for the Vikings’ defense. If he gets his way, he should be able to have a monstrous game against a team he has already faced once in the playoffs.

Kamara will break 100 rushing yards

The 24-year-old running back has always been one of the more productive rushers in the NFL, and he’s been the perfect running back for the Saints offense. He had a solid 2019 despite missing two games in the middle of the season, finishing with 797 rushing yards and five touchdowns.

However, Alvin Kamara has always been rendered helpless against the Vikings. He’s played the Vikings thrice, including the January 2017 playoffs that saw the Vikings make a fantastic playoff run. In that game, the then-rookie running back was limited to only 43 rushing yards. While those numbers were respectable, it definitely wasn’t enough to stop the Saints from losing. 29-24.

This performance definitely stood out for Kamara and will be eager to have his revenge. Finishing with 100 yards is a bold declaration, but he should be aiming for such numbers the moment Kamara steps out to the field.

Kamara will score two rushing TDs

Given how effective the Saints’ passing offense has been, the Vikings’ coaching staff will definitely put a lot of focus on their pass defense to stop Brees from doing whatever he wants. Given how good the veteran quarterback has been playing, it’s a logical decision for the Vikings to drill their pass defense more.

However, this also gives Alvin Kamara the opportunity to thrive and cut the defense through their runs. If he plays as well as he hopes he would, he should be able to get at least two rushing touchdowns at the end of the game.

Since the defense will be focused on the pass, he should have more room to break through the defense and score two touchdowns.

Kamara will score a receiving touchdown

Kamara isn’t Brees’ first option in the passing game—especially compared to Michael Thomas, who set a new single-season receptions record in 2019—but the Saints have done it multiple times this season. Kamara is a strong, dual-threat running back in the offense, and the Saints will feed him should Thomas get too much attention from Minnesota’s secondary.

There will likely be a situation where the Saints will be at the end zone and all of the receivers are covered. Brees might pull a fast one on the Vikings and target Alvin Kamara for a TD pass.

The running back has shown that he has the ability to catch the football, and a high-stakes game should see him catch a red zone pass or two.