For fans of the recently rebooted cult-classic animated comedy series Clone High — which originally ran on MTV and whose sequel/rebooted version just dropped its second season on Max a month ago — the daily news cycle may have just provided an organic and immaculate nugget of non-fiction reality from which to draw artistic inspiration.

I'm talking about Ancestry's news that TODAY revealed on Monday that Taylor Swift is distantly related to the poet Emily Dickinson.

For those not familiar with the groundbreaking Bill Lawrence, Phil Lord, Chris Miller series — shame on you! Clone High is about a high school for clones of famous historical figures as they deal with the angst and hormones of their teen years.

The character types are inspired — some obvious and fitting, like Cleopatra as the queen bee mean girl, JFK as the douchey popular jock, and honest Abe Lincoln fittingly voiced to perfection by Will Forte.

Other characters are more surprising, yet equally endearing — like Ghandi as a desperate-to-be-cool wannabe sidekick; and Confucius as a social media obsessed voyeur (don't ask, it works).

Now Clone High has the chance to let art imitate life with a glorious and ratings-friendly cast addition. With the news that Emily Dickinson is sixth cousins with Taylor Swift, it feels like the perfect opportunity to introduce the beloved 19th century poet as a new character with a Swiftie-like following (Dickinson-sies perhaps?).

Emily could go around peppering her speech with long dashes like they're friendship bracelets at an Eras Tour show. And if she sparks a romance with the Clone High varsity football team's tight end, all the better!

Joan of Arc could complain about all the attention lavished on Dickinson during football games from the school newspaper, while Confucius would play devil's advocate and doesn't feel there is enough attention devoted to Dickinson at football games.

All of the characters could fight for the right to have Dickinson perform poems from her various “eras” at their competing extracurricular school clubs, for the beneficial effects it would have on attendance.

You get the idea. The season would practically write itself. So Clone High, please incorporate a Taylor Swift-inspired Emily Dickinson character if and when you're picked up by Max for another season! And Max, if you're still on the fence and worried about production costs, I'm pretty sure you could find a willing sponsorship tie-in with