Andre Drummond responds to Twitter user's proposed trade including him
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ICYMI: Andre Drummond responds to Twitter user’s proposed trade including him

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The Detroit Pistons center, Andre Drummond, is not happy to see his name in trade rumors. NBA fans have gone into havoc mode, making pretend trades for Kyrie Irving. The Cleveland Cavaliers star reportedly wants out of Ohio, and fans of franchises are trying to figure out how their team can get Irving. One such fan, however, probably never thought that one player he is “trading away” will actually respond.

A Twitter user, presumably a Detroit fan, said that the organization should trade Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson for Irving. However, he tagged all players in his Twitter post. Drummond saw this, and decided to respond.

Drummond’s response is not only hilarious, but also true. Most NBA fans do not think about every angle when posting things like that, and tagging the players themselves. It must be frustrating for Drummond, someone who spent his whole career in Detroit, to see this. It speaks volumes about fans like the user who posted the tweet are.

Fans like that are ready to let go of loyal players just because a very good player is unhappy in another franchise must be hard to hear for guys like Drummond. He was drafted to the Pistons, spent five seasons there and gave the team and fans all he could. Unfortunately, some fans do not know how to appreciate that.