Shohei Ohtani could be the most remarkable talent the game of baseball has ever seen. Those words have been uttered quite a bit since his sensational 2021 MVP campaign, but there is still a natural reaction to push back, given how heavily reliant the sport is on its history. Though, after a mind-boggling and historic doubleheader, such a claim may be more palatable than ever before.

It has been a truly wild 24 hours for the Los Angeles Angels, who looked to validate their Ohtani no-trade stance and big Lucas Giolito gamble in a pair of road matchups against the Detroit Tigers. A grade obviously cannot be handed out until this offseason, but the team is off to a great start after winning their third and fourth-straight games, respectively. Unsurprisingly, their 29-year-old superstar set the tone.

Ohtani pitched a complete game shutout in the early afternoon before belting two home runs in the second game. He is the first player to accomplish such a dominant feat in over 50 years. While his long-term future with the club remains uncertain, the Japanese native is undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on the franchise, fan base and game. One of the many Tigers he slayed Thursday nicely put into words just how important these consecutive showings will be when fans look back decades from now.

“He probably had the greatest day of baseball that anyone has ever seen today,” pitcher Matt Manning, who surrendered both Ohtani dingers, said, per's Jason Beck. “It was incredible. I'm proud I didn't shy away from it. Even when I got behind in the count, I went right at him. Tip your cap. It is what it is.”

Of course, like many Angels triumphs in 2023, Shotimes's big day was ultimately bittersweet. He exited the second game with cramps. With the team only three games out of an American League Wild Card spot and the organization banking a big chunk of its future on Shohei Ohtani, a potential injury is beyond brutal.

Hopefully, it is a minor ailment brought on by this superhuman performance. That way this special piece of history can be properly appreciated in the present.