Speculation has been going around since the start of the MLB trade deadline for a while. It primarily concerned the Los Angeles Angels selling Shohei Ohtani as the team has lost all hopes of winning with him. The team looks like they were willing to hit either rebuild mode or were ready to compete with the firing of Joe Maddon. However, things took a turn for the Phil Nevin-managed squad just recently.

Shohei Ohtani is not getting traded before the MLB trade deadline. Instead, Phil Nevin and his squad aim to compete for a wildcard position with the Japanese superstar. This also triggered new decisions to be made for the team as they hope to bolster the squad. All of these are in hopes of attempting a World Series run that seemed unlikely during the start of the season.


Fans are divided by the situation. A lot of doubt has filled the minds of the Angels faithful. They all projected it by venting out on Twitter. 

“Okay, this could be big. Angels say Shohei Ohtani is off the market. They’re going into buy mode!” a part of the Los Angeles faithful wrote.


Some fans were left stunned by the decision and only wrote “OHTANI OFF THE TRADE MARKET!”



Others were not so happy about the news.

The Angels have taken Ohtani off of the trade market because they think they can make a playoff push. This shows how inept the Angels' ownership is. They are going to lose him and get nothing in the off-season.” an MLB fan tweeted.


Even Dodgers fans got in on the action.


Are the Angels going to regret this decision?