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‘Another huge step backwards’: Tyrese Haliburton blasts Indiana lawmakers over ‘near-total abortion ban’

Tyrese Haliburton, Pacers, Indiana

Tyrese Haliburton may be playing for the Indiana Pacers now, but that doesn’t mean he’ll support anything the state does. In the contrary, he is taking an active role to make sure what’s right and beneficial for the community is being addressed.

That is why Haliburton didn’t hesitate in sharing his disappointment after Indiana lawmakers passed a near-total abortion ban, albeit with some exceptions. As Vanity Fair explained, women are allowed to get an abortion “if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, if a lethal fetal anomaly has been diagnosed, or if the pregnant woman’s life is at ‘serious risk.'”

Despite the exceptions, Haliburton emphasized that it’s a step in the wrong direction for the state since they are removing women’s power over their own bodies.

“Yet another huge step backwards for our country. Shame on the leaders and lawmakers who think they have the power over women’s bodies,” the Pacers youngster wrote.

With the new law–set to take effect on September 15–Indiana has become the first state to pass a near-total abortion ban ever since the Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Other states are expected to do the same, though that doesn’t mean people will not oppose it.

As what Tyrese Haliburton said, the common argument over the abortion ban is that it denies women of their basic human right to choose for their own bodies. While the health risks have been addressed by Indiana’s new law, it doesn’t remove the fact that women are basically being denied of a choice.