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Apple, MLB team up to offer “Friday Night Baseball”

Apple, MLB, Friday Night Baseball

Major League Baseball’s ratings conundrum is about to receive some help. It was recently announced that Apple and MLB would be teaming up to offer “Friday Night Baseball” and other exciting viewing options as well. This feels like a breath of fresh air after all of the turmoil the league has faced because of the lockout.

MLB has been desperately searching for ways to grow the game. Whether it was by attempting to market players in a more favorable light or change the rules of the game, the league is looking to connect with the youth. And what better way to connect with today’s generation by offering a streaming service through Apple. This could end up being a decision that saves baseball’s ratings in 2022 if the lockout ends soon.

Additionally, MLB answered NFL’s “Red zone” package by introducing “MLB Big Inning.” This is a service that will also be run through Apple and will feature live look-ins to games as well as highlights. The show will air each weeknight of the regular season and provides an alternative for fans who may not have Cable or MLB.TV.

The most important aspect of MLB and Apple’s deal is that blackout restrictions will not apply. For years fans have complained about not being able to view local games because of local blackout restrictions. But this new service will allow them to view any game regardless of location.

Apple and MLB may be a fairly surprising duo but in the end this is something that will be beneficial for all parties involved. In an offseason where baseball fans have suffered mightily, they finally have something to be excited about.