Arch Manning officially opted-in to EA Sports College Football 25, even releasing a video with his uncle Eli to celebrate the occasion. With the game's Deluxe Edition set to release in just one week, we honestly didn't think we'd see him make an appearance. However, it looks like that's not the case, as fans will be able to take to the field with the young Texas QB come July 16th. Without further ado, let's see what fans had to say.

How Did Fans React To Arch Manning's College Football 25 Opt-In?

Fans had plenty to say on Social Media after Texas Longhorns' QB Arch Manning announced he would opt-in to EA Sports College Football 25. For the most part, the news was pretty well received. Fans were pleased and genuinely excited to see the Longhorns' backup QB join the game's roster.

“Gotta love the Mannings”, said one user. Overall, the video itself is a short, 40-second clip featuring both Eli and Arch Manning. Although funny, it also even shows a brief glimpse of some more gameplay, which we know fans are hungry for. The 21-minute video released yesterday alone isn't enough for many excited fans.

But there's no one better to do the video with than uncle Eli. Sure, Peyton Manning is seen as the funny guy, but Eli is just as entertaining. It's also cool to see Arch receiving support from his family.

Another user wrote about the wise decision on Manning's part. “Smart move, young man”, he wrote. Despite not starting a game of College Football yet, Manning has already received numerous NIL deals because of his name alone. Although he's yet to take advantage of these opportunities, it's astonishing to see him already receive so much attention at such a young age.

But most people also made jokes about the announcement. After all, sources back in March seemed to indicate that the young Manning had no intention to opt-in this year. However, this recent announcement seems to turn everything around. Regardless, fans still took time to poke fun at it.

“I don't have to make March Anning” joked one user. That's because if a player hasn't opted in to the game, you won't be able to re-create that player's exact name. Therefore, you would need to create something identical, but it still won't be authentic. Plus, you might not know how to distribute certain stat points when creating a new player.

“Everyone's Transfer QB in Dynasty.” someone else wrote. There's no doubt that Arch Manning will be a highly sought-out recruit in CFB 25's dynasty mode. Expect to see everyone go after him, especially if you play Online Dynasty.

“We bullied him in, good job guys,” said another user. When reports first surfaced about Manning's opt-out, reactions were pretty harsh. Supposedly, the reason for opting out had to do with Arch avoiding unnecessary attention while focusing on football. But that just led to more people talking about it. In turn, this just made people more upset.

And many joked about the whole thing feeling like a marketing decision.

“Feels like this was a marketing ploy from the beginning,” said one user. After all, if Arch opted-in now, it would mean that EA Sports would have to scan and add him into the game by July 16th. They would also need to create player attributes for him, which might not be easy to do in one week's time. But we also don't know how long it's been since he decided to opt-in.

Lastly, other users were just curious what his OVR to be. Someone believes he could have an 88 or 89 OVR at launch, which seems a bit too high. We're thinking somewhere in the 60s, considering his lack of experience. That will just make him even more fun to develop in Dynasty mode, though.

Regardless of whether or not you felt it was a marketing tactic, it will be fun to control another Manning in an EA Sports game. The last time we could do so was in Madden NFL 20, when Eli Manning played his final season with the New York Giants. At least for this year, and likely more, you'll control Arch and many other exciting players in College Football 25.

If you're looking for more content, check out the Gameplay First Look, which launched yesterday. Furthermore, the developers released a new Ultimate Team-themed Deep Dive today. We're just seven days away from CFB 25!

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