Ariana Grande, currently in the midst of her week-long celebration to promote the 10 year anniversary of her first album Yours Truly, posted the second half of a new Q&A video to her TikTok account on Monday in which she answers fans' burning questions.

It's part of a promotion for the new deluxe rerelease of her Yours Truly album, which dropped on Thursday. Noticeably, in the deluxe edition, the album cover art has been changed, and the switch prompted one of the questions in the Q&A.


#10YearsOfYoursTruly Q&A part 2 ♡ love you so much :’)

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Grande candidly admitted she changed the cover art because her fans “hated it.” Speaking of the original 2013 album cover, Grande said “Well, it’s horrible – it’s not horrible, (but) you were right,” then adding that people got “very angry” about it.

“I was very sad about that and I changed it,” the pop star continued.

Grande admitted she eventually agreed with her fans' opinions about the original cover, but then used the opportunity to give a heartfelt take regarding the online “bullying” she's faced over the past ten years.

“You were right, but you’re not always right,” Grande proclaimed. “Your bullying has been consistent for the past ten years, so there’s that,” she said, before also noting that “sometimes” this type of critique from fans is constructive, but that “sometimes it leaves me with wounds that make me question everything I’ve done since.”

But before that powerful statement had a chance to sink in, Grande quickly added “just kidding,” — although the topic certainly did seem to strike an emotional chord for her.

Other topics addressed in the TikTok Q&A included whether Grande felt she should have included her song Pink Champagne on the Yours Truly album. Grande answered that she didn't regret the omission, but explained she felt strongly about the song as one of her favorites because it was “from the era of me being caught in between Cat and Ari” (referring to the Nickelodeon character she played before breaking out as a pop star in her own right).

Another question was about the origin of the song Tattooed Heart, to which Grande explained “I wrote Tattooed Heart in my room, alone, when I was… I think, 17 or something. And then I took it to Matt Squire and 3OH!3 who produced it for me and they brought it to life and made it so beautiful, and then it ended up on the album. And that's like the only song on that album that I, like, wrote by myself.”

Grande ended with a question about what sorts of lessons she took away from producing the Yours Truly album that she carried with her into the rest of her music career thus far. She answered that the process made her more comfortable and confident as a producer, explaining “I vocally arranged everything but I wasn't behind the computer as much for this album and I think that was the takeaway that I kind of clung to… I want to be doing my own vocal production from here on out.”

Stay tuned for other Ariana Grande news, as the singer promised a week full of new material dropping as part of the Yours Truly anniversary celebration.