Auburn football will most likely be looking for a new head coach soon. Byran Harsin has a 9-11 record over two seasons so far. The Tigers seem likely to let him go and they could end up landing a strong replacement: Deion Sanders.

Sanders, the football icon who is currently the head coach at Jackson State, is one of the biggest names to watch in the coaching carousel. In an interview with Tony Anderson on USA TODAY's Sports Seriously, Auburn legend Bo Jackson said that Sanders has the qualifications to be a coach anywhere.

“Deion could coach anywhere in the country — college or professional level— that he wants to,” the former Auburn football standout said, via USA TODAY. “It’s just whether or not the organization is ready for Prime. You can look at what he’s done for Jackson State in the short amount of time he’s been there. He has the charisma. He has what it takes because Deion, like myself, we were coached old-school and that’s the way he’s coaching his players. You’re seeing the results.”

Sanders has led Jackson State to an 18-2 record so far, including seven wins this season with no losses. He was linked to the Auburn football job, as well as for Georgia Tech football, earlier in the season. In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Jackson said he would certainly entertain the possibility of taking the job at a Power 5 conference school.

The Auburn football program needs a shake-up to get back to relevance at the top of the college football world. Hiring Deion Sanders would be a fantastic start, though a tough move to pull off.