The Cleveland Cavaliers have more than just bad luck against the Golden State Warriors.

Looking at the last seven games against the defending champions, the Cavs have lost by an average of 107-88. A 19-point differential is showing that with or without injuries, the Warriors are just a much better team.

Both team have talent and players that they can go to on the bench to count on for production. Once the playoffs begin and teams start setting deeper defensive plans to remove some of those options, the Warriors just seem to have more weapons than the Cavs.

Not only offensively, but defensively the Warriors are controlling their games against the Cavs, contesting the 3-point shot harder and communicating better when switching off picks. Although they commit more turnovers and more fouls, they take better advantage of the mistakes the Cavs make than vice versa.

It has to be demoralizing when LeBron James and his teammates see the stat sheet, and realize they have twice as many free-throw attempts, twice as many fast-break points, less turnovers, match the Warriors top two players in 3-point makes and still lose games by 20 or 30 points.

Anything is possible in the playoffs, and as long as LeBron James is on your team you are always in contention to win – but it doesn't look like the Warriors are ready to take their foot off the gas yet.

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