Sky Mavis’ popular NFT game Axie Infinity will be making a lot of changes for the benefit of its economy. Within the next 24 hours, Axie Infinity‘s new breeding costs will take into effect.

Axie Infinity new breeding costs: Triple SLP, Halved AXS

Earlier today, Sky Mavis announced that it will be adjusting the rates for breeding again. Axie Infinity‘s new breeding costs will take effect within the next 24 hours. In summary, all breeding costs will now cost triple the SLP and half of the AXS. This can be summarized in the simple table below:

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New Axie Infinity breeding costs as of December 9, 2021:

Breed CountSLP CostAXS Cost
Original Stormtrooper NFT

Franz Christian Irorita ·

The rebalanced SLP and AXS costs come after the value for SLP plummeted, indicating inflation. The new rates are meant to address inflation of either currency, as SLP has had its value dropping consistently, with AXS continuing to increase in value. This change can affect SLP value positively and AXS to drop in price, making breeding new Axies much more attainable. While SLP costs have tripled, its $ costs are mitigated by the halved AXS cost, which has caused the actual $ costs of breeding new axies to be considerably lower. The last time Sky Mavis changed the costs for breeding was back in September where SLP costs were rebalanced and AXS cost was similarly halved.

The changes may have had the effect it desires. Since Sky Mavis’ announcement of Axie Infinity‘s new breeding costs, SLP prices have gone up by about 20%. Meanwhile, AXS continues to rally, increasing 5% in the same period, which may be indicative of an optimistic market.