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Axie Infinity update v1.1.1 prevents SLP earning for low MMR players

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Sky Mavis unveiled the new Axie Infinity update 1.1.1, introducing a slew of regulatory features that saw the value of SLP and AXS dip last October 15, 2021, the date when the update was announced.

The new update was announced on Discord and then shared on Twitter. The update will now prevent players who have MMR 800 and below from earning SLP in any of the game’s modes. This blocks them from earning SLP from Adventure as well. This was done to prevent players from abusing the MMR system to get easy wins in Arena. The objective is to keep Arena as competitive as it gets, with the idea that people would play Arena for the competition and not for the rewards. The new system also is meant to keep SLP rewards only for those who are wholeheartedly competing.

Another change in Axie Infinity update 1.1.1 resets the level of Axies when they change owners. This prevents players from swapping Axies to breed and then returning the axies back without syncing axies on Axie Infinity. This makes collaborative breeding way harder.

While the purpose of these changes is to safeguard Axie Infinity‘s long-term sustainability, Axie Infinity update 1.1.1 still disappointed many fans, which is reflected in the dips experienced by SLP and AXS after the update.