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Battlefield 2042 will not have a ranked mode at launch

Battlefield 2042 no ranked mode at launch key visual

Battlefield 2042‘s creators don’t have esports aspirations for the game. At least, not right now, and definitely not right at launch.

Speaking in an interview with the Battlefield Nation Youtube channel, Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe addressed the esports environment of the game. He was asked about how they will be supporting esports and its ecosystem once Battlefield 2042 launches and was asked whether it could somehow be incorporated with the recently announced Portal Mode. He was frank and direct in his answer. “There’s no plan to have any kind of ranked or esport mode at launch,” says Wiebe.

To be fair, Battlefield hasn’t been that very big in the esports side of the market, anyway. Perhaps it’s just wise for the developers to be focusing their resources on the things that they think matter for this game. Battlefield multiplayer games have always been known for being large-scale, chaotic, but mostly casual. Casual by the standards of other multiplayer FPS and shooters, at the very least.

But if you’re looking forward to playing Battlefield 2042 competitively, don’t worry, all hope’s not lost. “This is something that obviously we want to hear more about from the community,” Wiebe says. “If that’s something that’s important to the community, we’d like to hear about it.” With that being said, use your voice as a consumer and be as vocal as you could be if this is really what you want out of Battlefield 2042. As for us, we’re mostly fine with how the game is being presented as it is right now.